Lotus domino calendar error validating user

You can use the * for all devices the user use or the Device ID seen in the info dump.

Normally a user is using only one device so * should work for you.

In some cases, anti-virus software has been implicated in deleting such files. Upgrading to the latest version of anti-virus software is also recommended.

lotus domino calendar error validating user-41

Current Data Base Set workspace = New Notes UIWorkspace Set uidoc = workspace.

I have a user which can't add other users calendars using the "Show calendar" feature, there is like 20 entries with "Error: File does not exist" I have tried to remove the calendar profile, calendar Profile form and calendar view and did replace design, still the same problem Any ideas?

Image show errors in the the calendar navigator in Notes 9.0.1 The settings for the other calendars is stored in the calendar profile in the item "Cal URLs".

To reset the config from Joe you can use: After that the user should create a new connection to the Traveler server and should perform a new sync. Pending Wipe Request The user or the administrator can perform a wipe request.

Delete a config Sometimes a reset isn´t working in that case you can use the "tell traveler delete " command. This request is then stored in the Traveler server until the user comes back online.

Lotus domino calendar error validating user