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The earliest example was unearthed in the El-Lahun workers' village in Egypt, which was built circa 1885 BC.

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The 15th century architect and planner Leon Battista Alberti implies in his writings that dead-end streets may have been used intentionally in antiquity for defense purposes.

He writes: "The Ancients in All Towns were for having some intricate Ways and turn again Streets [i.e.dead-ends or loops], without any Passage through them, that if an Enemy comes into them, he may be at a Loss, and be in Confusion and Suspense; or if he pushes on daringly, may be easily destroyed".

After completing his term with the Marines, Lee then joined the US Navy, from which he retired after 22 years, as a Chief Warrant Officer 4.

Lee met Phyllis Coon in a high school math class, and in 1958 they were married. Lee and Phyllis were a powerful force working together through the years, in their family and their many contributions to their community, no matter where the military or life sent them.