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Frankly integrating it with elgg was 10x more difficult than it would be to integrate with bp.Basically all of the db parameters are wide open, so in theory you could connect their system to any user db.It would be cool if we could get a feature like this on the magazine as well.G&G Team @gtn If you are looking for a videochat app that will integrate perfectly with bp groups, then check out I do not currently use it with bp, I do have it 100% perfectly integrated with elgg groups.

I think the ajax chat is ok, and it works well with groups in a Buddy Press install, giving each a dedicated chatroom.

But if you come in this club just to troll, flame, bash, or just to provoke the other members you will be kick out or reported to 1up and be banned.

O and yes we still can give some love to the PS1, PS2, and PSP of course welcome and enjoy the club.

But the shoutbox is a bit weird, and tends to have a life of its own.

If you want a FB clone, try even has a Farmville plugin…aaaargh)…but it will cost you at least .