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“Don't get me wrong — my cellulite isn't my favourite part of my body, nor is it something I shout from the rooftops about,” she wrote in the April post, which had garnered nearly 11,000 likes as of Thursday afternoon.

“But I know it doesn't make me any less ugly, or is something I need to feel embarrassed about. ” FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK FOR MORE FOX LIFESTYLE NEWS Since changing her perspective on beauty, Howard has helped co-found the All Woman Project, a campaign that aims to inspire body confidence, according to her Instagram profile.

Dublin actress Ruth Kearney is making waves in Los Angeles.

The fully automated system allows you to accept credit card payments and approve payments with the click of a button.

Ruth plays the part of a beautiful waitress called London who catches the eye of two men - Chip (Arnett) and Dennis (David Sullivan).

Profilex The series is set to be released across all Netflix territories next year, which is sure to increase Ruth's international profile.

The 30-year-old Canadian woman is tasked with analyzing seized weaponry from ISIS -- piece by piece -- and uncovering its source and pathway to the terrorist network.

Much of the illegally traded weapons are small arms but some -- like the ISIS-made tunnel machine -- demonstrate a level of sophistication never seen before by such a group, according to Morrow.