Updating ports bsd 8 Apartament live camera

So you've just finished installing your new Free BSD system. While the base OS includes quite a lot of useful utilities, you're probably going to need to install some third party software.

Depending on the usage of the machine, you might need a web server, a graphical desktop or anything in between.

updating ports bsd 8-89

For a high-level program like, say, Firefox, you can. Firefox, expecting the old version of jpeg, may not be able to use the new version correctly, or at all.

It does not depend upon other ports, external databases or languages, rather it’s been written in such a way as to make use of the information about a port’s dependencies, dependents, file locations and other information contained in to determine which ports to update.

The versions of software discussed in this post are as follows: Okay, let’s get started.

It sometimes causes a problem and you should be prepared to resolve any problems it may cause. First, if you have not installed portupgrade, you can install it from packages or ports.

To install it from packages, use: Assuming you have portupgrade installed, you should first upgrade your ports collection. Once the ports tree is updated (it takes a while), you can check which ports/packages require upgrading with the following command: This will show you 1 line per package that needs upgrading.