Georgina baillie adam ant dating

The presenters have both apologised for their behaviour.

Now at drama school, she has made frequent attempts to patch things up with Mr Sachs, but her attempts at reconciliation had been rebuffed because he would not “change his prejudices”, Mr Baillie claimed.

A full six years after the “joke” call, Mr Sachs, 83, best-known for playing hapless Spanish waiter Manuel, has frozen Georgina out of his life.

Mr Baillie broke his silence to say his daughter was “far from the wild child of six years ago”.

At least he looks the part: huge jewellery, skulls everywhere, staring out from his fingers and his feet; a cool musketeer moustache and a tattoo that creeps up his arm.

He's a frayed punk, a middle-aged man with a pop star's genetic code. "A fetish is just an obsession with an inanimate object," he says, talking about that song from 1978.

Georgina baillie adam ant dating