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Students gain first hand experience and understanding as to what it feels like 'to design' product to nationally recognized art industry standards, while producing their own original works under the guidance of working professionals.

NATURE / FASHION & PHOTOGRAPHYPortfolio Prep Oct 16 - Dec 4, 2017 (8 Weeks) pm - pm Fee: 9.00[14 - 18 YRS] Students learn all aspects of setting up indoor and outdoor photo shoots, while incorporating aspects of nature, natural light, bouncing and diffusing light, posing live models and the placement of still life objects.

Career Introduction workshops for Teens in High School (Ages 14 - 18) are designed as live studio-based learning modules (8 weeks per session series), which enable creatively gifted individuals to explore and manifest their own unique creativity in areas of their personal interest.

These workshops focus on completion of portfolio pieces suitable for presenting to colleges or specialty institutions for admission acceptance.

Specifically, he believes that mining operations on asteroids could hold the key, and for the next two years, he will be studying rocket propulsion technology and puzzling through the economics of interplanetary resource extraction.'This fellowship is so much of a better fit for my personality than I think college would be,' Burnham said.

One officer shot him twice as Noble yelled that he hates his life.

The 17-year-old girl had been missing since May 2016 until the FBI rescued her Saturday from her alleged captor’s home in Duluth, Georgia.

Michael Ren Wysolovski, 31, who reportedly met the teen online, faces felony charges that include aggravated sodomy, child cruelty and false imprisonment.

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Wysolovski allegedly maintained strict control over her diet and demanded the teen log in a food journal how many calories she ate each day.In 2014 EBMC successfully launched the concept of THE EAST BAY MEDIA CENTER - PERFORMANCE / MEETING SPACE.Your continued support of the upcoming events insures a successful 2017. Please click the 'Donate' button link below to make your Donation/ or to purchase Berkeley Video & Film Festival Tickets: ______________________________ merch is under construction - coming soon, really. Officers then shot him four times, twice after he had already gone down from the first two bullets, according to dramatic and graphic body-camera video newly released by police. ” officers continually shout at Dylan Noble in the video released Wednesday. ” It turned out Noble was unarmed and had only a small, empty plastic container with an unknown purpose in his hand, Police Chief Jerry Dyer said, but officers, who had been looking for a man with a gun when they pulled him over, had no way of knowing that with his refusal to cooperate. ,” a 19-year-old in California refused to pull one hand from behind his back or to stop walking toward police.