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Gailard was the host, Mazzeppa, and Gary played ...

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)but it is Gary Daniels you watch and if you wonder after seeing this movie why this man is not a major star yet you will not be alone.

A lay counselor who has worked with hundreds of premarital couples told me that he particularly looks forward to the session when he lays out what he calls the “tough love truths” to the future bride (why he picks the bride for this, I’m not sure).

What makes NO TOMORROW different is the fact that Gary does not fight at all in this movie,in fact the character he plays is something of an enigma although he is a hero figure,albeit an unusual one,well written and well played.

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Busey, who is the first American to win the show, said the experience "revealed so much [about himself] that I thought I wasn't.

"I don't particularly like the two people who are left," he told presenter Emma Willis of Harrison and Busey.

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