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"I didn't go a day without going home and being upset," Lipnicki told Too Fab.

"I didn’t go a day without being called some form of gay slur, or a hateful slur pretty much every day of middle school." Surprisingly, the Hollywood adoration Lipnicki garnered for his role in "Jerry Maguire" didn't necessarily translate to popularity at school. "I had my own group of friends and people knew me, but it was a wide spectrum.

Lipnicki currently trains in Mixed martial arts styles, but when asked whether he planned to ever fight professionally, he replied, "I’ve been pretty busy filming and I would need to put off a certain amount of time to really train for a fight and be in amazing cardio shape and really work on my striking more.

I’m not saying no and I’m not saying yes." Lipnicki has been a speaker for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and is actively involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Starlight Children Foundation and the NBA's Read to Achieve program.

Keeping Up with Our You Tube Exclusive Content: TMZ Chatter: TMZ newsroom staff insight and commentary from stories/ photos/ videos on TMZ News: The latest news you need to know from Raq Rants: Raquel Harper talks to a celebrity guest with ties to the hip hop and R&B communities. In 1999, he starred in the film Stuart Little, playing a boy whose family adopts a talking mouse, a role he reprised in the film's 2002 sequel.Lipnicki also played the lead role in the 2000 film The Little Vampire and starred opposite Bow Wow in the 2002 theatrical film Like Mike, which was released two weeks before Stuart Little 2; both of the films did relatively well in theaters, and Lipnicki has become known among pre-teen audiences, although he has not appeared in a widely released film since, focusing mostly on independent films.Jonathan Lipnicki, born in California, made his film debut as Dorothy Boyd’s precocious son, Ray, in the box office blockbuster Jerry Maguire, and also played George Little in the Stuart Little film series.He also champions many worthwhile causes, being very active in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and has spoken and appeared at events for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.